About Me

Hi! I’m CHEF KIEL. Thanks for stopping by.

To be honest, I’m not a chef. It’s a title I self-applied, and I know it’s not technically correct. I’m not classically-trained, or even un-classically-trained. I’m just a guy that has a passion for cooking and sharing great food with his family and friends.

I made this site because I want to share my joy of cooking with anyone that’s willing to listen. The theme here is simple: a normal, everyday person can make great food with just a little practice and a bit of patience. And even bigger than that, you can make a lot of the things you pay someone else to make today, and can make a healthier and more delicious version at home.

I want you to know more about me, so I’ll tell you more very soon. Til then, please enjoy the site and give me any feedback you feel appropriate.